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Paul Bruno

Arctic Challenges for Shell

By January 7, 2013

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Iceberg Floating in the Sea Off the Coast Of Antarctica

When the Shell Exploratory Drill Rig Broke free During a Towing Operation Pubic Confidence in the Project Fell as Disaster was Predicted.

The Arctic Requires Careful Allocation of Resources to Assure Profitability and Safety. RDS May Need to Beef Up Their Transportation Plans but the Circular Rig Design Looks Robust and Could be the Model for Many Future Rigs.

Anyone who has towed a circular object knows about oscillation. This action is often asymmetrical and,  coupled with wind, could make the best tug Master helpless. There is no documentation showing that poor towing characteristics played a part in the break away but all details have not been reported.

If this type of rig requires a non-traditional towing scheme it will be a small price for the ability to ride out shifting ice and other Arctic hazards.



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