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Recreational Business

The Business of Recreational Boating Includes Everything from Marina Management to the Innovations of Manufacturers. This Large Business Sector Offers Many Opportunities for Newcomers. 

Bottom Coatings – Turbulent or Laminar Flow?
Bottom Paints for Commercial Vessels are Designed to Provide Specific Performance Characteristics Through Chemical and Mechanical Action. One Choice is a Smooth or Rough Finish; Read Further to Understand the Differences and Benefits of Both Types of Bottom Paint.

Galvanic Corrosion and Electrolysis
Galvanic Corrosion and Electrolysis can Damage Any Submerged Metal Surface of a Vessel. Learn How to Prevent this Damage with Sacrificial Anodes.

Electronic Security of Vessel Data
Data Security is an Important and Often Overlooked Weak Point in Vessel and Shore Operations. See what is visible, why it's a problem, and some possible fixes.

Should You Lease or Buy Marine Electronics?
The Significant Upfront Cost of Modern Marine Electronics Keeps Many Commercial Operators From Upgrading Their Equipment. Leasing Some Systems Makes Sense but Each Owner Must Weigh the Pros and Cons of Leasing.

Measure Prop Pitch, Diameter, and Rake
Learn How to Measure a Prop and You Will Increase Your Knowledge of its Performance Characteristics. These Simple Measurements are the Basis of all Propeller Design.

NPSH - Net Positve Suction Head
Net Positive Suction Head or NPSH is a Measurement of Potential Negative Pressure Near the Pump Chamber Inlet. Understanding NPSH is Most Important in High Temperature or High Volume Applications.

Pumps and Pumping Basics
Learn the Basics of Pump Operation and Their Applications in the Maritime Industry.

Understanding NMEA 2000 Data and Operations
Understanding Maritime Data Systems is Easy Once You Know the Basics. The Widely Used NMEA Standards are a Good Place to Start Investigating Modern Vessel Electronics.

Light Emitting Diodes for Your Vessel
Light Emitting Diodes are One of the Easiest Ways to Save Money and Maintenance Work. But it is More Than Just Plugging a Bulb Into a Socket. Some Retrofit Bulbs Not Meant for Marine Use Can Render Your Lights Illegal Which can Result in a Fine or Worse, an Accident.

Maritime Fuel Oil Standards
All of the Designations Assigned to Maritime Fuels can Lead to Confusion and Possibly Engine Damage. Learn Why Ship Fuels are Classified by so Many Variables.

Operation of Centrifugal Filters
Learn About the Operation of Centrifugal Fuel Filters and See How the Force of Gravity can be Multiplied Thousands of Times to Remove Contaminants on a Molecular Level Before They Reach Your Engines and Cause Damage.

Better Prop Shaft Seals
Prop Shaft Seals for Existing Stuffing Boxes or Pack-Less Retrofit

Understand Fiberglass Delamination

How Hackable is the AIS System?

Big Data Gets Onboard - Point 97
With a Few Success Stories Already in the Bag, Point 97 is Working to Mold Diverse Maritime Data Into Useful Tools for Individuals and Industries.

Point 97 - Digital Deck

Open Source Platforms for Maritime Data

Electric Outboard Motors Pros and Cons
Understand the Pros and Cons of Electric Outboard Motors for Your Small Commercial Boat.

Outboard Motor Terms and Best Sizing Practices
See How to Size an Outboard Motor to Your Boat Depending on the Needs of Your Business.

How to Land on a Boat Swinging at Mooring
Plus One Surprising Way to Power Sideways in Deep Lateral Dock Spaces

Pros and Cons of Electric Boats
Are Electric Boats a Good Fit for Your Business?

Training Your Tender Boat Crew
Operating a Tender Boat is a Careful Balance Between Hospitality, Seamanship, and Chaos.

Tender Boat Operation Guidelines
Learn About Best Practices for Operators of Recreational Tender Boats and Water Shuttles.

Hospitality Training for Marina Workers
Learn How to Teach and Motivate Your Staff to Provide a Compassionate Experience at Your Marina Facility.

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