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Maritime Glossary and Terms

As One of the Oldest Forms of Commerce, Shipping has Many Cryptic Terms. Learn the Old and the New Terms Along with Some Background Information for Better Understanding.

Basic Boat Architecture Terms
Learn These Very Basic Maritime Terms if You Want to Get Off to a Good Start in Your Nautical Career. These are the Basics but Everyone Needs to Start Somewhere.

Bounding Box: Determining Where a Ship Will Fit
See How Naval Architects and Designers Use a Simple Geometric Concept to Determine the Routes a Ship Will Take Around the World.

Buoyancy: The First Concept of Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding
How Does Buoyancy Impact Other Factors in Naval Architecture? Understand the Basic Concept and the Differences in a Vessel’s Buoyancy as it Moves From the Sea Into Freshwater.

Cleats, Chocks, Bits, and Bollards; Securing Your Vessel
Make Sure You Know the Differences and Specific Uses for Each of These Important Fixtures and the Best Way to Tie to Each One.

Correct Scope is Essential for Safe and Comfortable Anchoring
Find Out the Best Ratio of Scope to Use When Anchoring a Vessel to Remain Safe and Comfortable at Your Anchorage.

Dog and Wedge
Learn How the Ancient Technique Called Dog and Wedge is Used to Build Modern Ships Today.

Measuring a Vessel's Beam
What is the Beam of a Vessel and How is it Measured?

What is a Vessel's Chine
The Definition of Chine Learn What a Vessel's Chine is and How to Tell the Difference Between a Hard and Soft Chine. Find Out Why Multiple Chine Vessels Perform Better in Certain Conditions.

What is the Definition of a Composite Material?
What is a Composite Material? How Will Composites Impact Maritime Business in the Future?

Hot Tapping - What it Means and How it is Done
Hot Tapping is an Essential Technique Used by Maritime Salvors to Remove Liquids and Gasses from Wrecked Vessels. Learn the Complete Story Behind Modern Marine Fuel Remediation.

Deadrise – Measuring a Vessel’s Hull
Learn More About Hull Design by Understanding the Way a Vessel’s Hull is Measured. Deadrise Determines Many Design and Performance Characteristics of a Vessel. Find Out how to Measure Deadrise.

What is Vessel Draft?
Definition of Vessel Draft. What Does it Mean When Someone Refers to a Vessel's Draft?

Freeboard: What it Means and Why it’s Important
What is the Definition of Freeboard and How it is Used by Naval Architects to Improve Vessel Safety and Performance Through Good Design Practices.

What is Displacement Tonnage?
Definition of Displacement Tonnage. What is the Difference Between Displacement Tonnage and Deadweight Tonnage?

Definition of Deadweight Tonnage
The Definition of Deadweight Tonnage of a Vessel. What is the Difference Between Deadweight Tonnage and Displacement Tonnage?

What is Wind Fetch?
The Definition of Wind Fetch. Expand Your Knowledge of Maritime Operations With Our Maritime Glossary. Learn the Meaning of Wind Fetch and Understand How it Can Impact You.

Understanding Ground Tackle is the Key to Safe Anchoring
Ground Tackle is the name of the equipment aboard a vessel that is used to anchor her to the bottom. Learn about the components and how to deploy them to achieve proper scope.

What is Gross Tonnage?
Definition of Vessel Gross Tonnage. Gross Tonnage of a Vessel is Calculated Using a Formula Which Includes the Total Interior Volume of the Vessel.

What is a Nautical Mile?
What is a Nautical Mile? How to Convert Nautical Miles to Other Common Measurements.

What is Pump Head?
Learn What Pump Head is and How it Impacts Performance and Efficiency.

What is Pump Lift?
Learn the Definition of Pump Lift and the Reasons Why Even the Best Pumps Cannot Draw a Liquid Past a Certain Height.

Lightering; What is Lightering?
Lightering Definition and Examples - Learn What it Means to Lighter a Ship and Why it is an Important Function for the Maritime Industry.

Learn About the Ribs of a Ship
Learn About the Ribs of a Ship

Shipbuilding - Stringer
Learn About Stringers of a Ship

Tricing Pendant
Tricing Pendants are a Type of Rigging Used to Raise and Lower Lifeboats and Other Loads. Learn How a Tricing Pendant is Used Safely.

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