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Passenger Vessels

Vessels that Carry Passengers Have Extra Safety and Security Requirements. See How Innovations and Data Shape the Passenger Industry. 

Maritime Applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Although Commercial Drone Use in the United States is Prohibited. Mariners Offshore can Take Advantage of this Technology Now. Once Commercial Use is Approved There Will be Many Beneficial Uses for These Aircraft.

Cruise Ship Backup Power With Green Design
A Once in a Lifetime Cruise can Quickly Turn Into a Tale of Misery When Power Fails and No Backup Systems are in Place. Green Design Adds Unique Value to a Voyage While Ensuring Toilets Flush and Food can be Served if the Main Power Unit Fails at Sea.

Is it Time for Open Source Marine Electronics?
Open Source Hardware and Software is Finding its Way Into Advanced DIY Projects and Marine Electronics is No Exception.

Tips for Boat, Ship, and ROV Inventors
There are Thousands of People with Ideas for Inventions that Could Improve the Global Maritime Trade. Learn to Determine if Your Idea is Practical for this Notoriously Closed Industry.

Remotely Operated Vehicle Design and Function
Remotely Operated Vehicles, or ROV, are Valuable Tools for Inspection and Maintenance. Learn About the Parts of an ROV and How it Functions.

The Emerging Market for Maritime Composite Applications
As Profits in Shipping Shrink More Each Year Ship Operators and Builders are Looking to Composites for Durability and Low Maintenance with a Long Service Life. Once Found Only in Small Vessel Hulls and Topsides, Composites are Finding Their Way into Pumps, Pipes and Other Places Where Only Metal was Found Before.

SS Badger Coal Ash Dumping
The SS Badger is the Oldest Operating Coal Fired Passenger Ship in the United States. Environmental Regulations Now Dictate a Conversion to Natural Gas to Avoid Dumping Tons of Untreated Coal Ash During Each Sixty Mile Journey Across Lake Michigan.

Hydrogen Hybrid Vessels are Becoming More Common
Hydrogen Hybrid Vessels are Showing Up in a Wider Variety of Applications. Hybrid Diesel Electric Drives Have Become a Mature Technology in All Sizes of Vessels. The Next Step for Some Designers is to Decrease the Amount of Diesel Fuel Needed to Make Up the Power Deficit of the Renewable Sources. Hydrogen Hybrid Vessel are One Solution to the...

Integrated Data Displays for Mariners
Integrated Data Displays for Maritime Vessels Allow Mariners to Focus on Important Information While Reducing Fatigue for Crew on the Ship's Bridge. Integrated Data Displays Also Improve Crew Confidence and Morale by Making Information Easily Accessible.

U.S. Coast Guard Response Boat Medium
Construction Methods for All Sizes of Vessels Have Changed Dramatically Because of Advances in Materials and Components. The US Coast Guard Response Boat-Medium Utilizes CNC Cut Aluminum Hull Components and Pneumatic Cabin Seals Which Make the Response Boat-Medium Much More Durable Than its Predecessor.

The Future of Cruise Ships and Cruising
New Technologies Will Change the Cruise Experience for Passengers in Ways That Will Enhance the Time Aboard Ship and on Shore.

The Future of Cruise Ship Safety
Technology in several areas will make cruise ships of the future safer than ever before without burdens to the passenger on vacation.

Will MES Replace Lifeboats?
Will Marine Evacuation Systems Replace Lifeboats on Cruise Ships?

NTSB Cruise Ship Safety Forum 2014 Summary
Day Two of a Two Day Meeting of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board Covering Cruise Ship Safety Practices Under Development.

Manage Risk With MOSA and BOQA Systems
Tools and techniques to manage risks at all levels of decision making are being adopted by passenger lines and other high risk operators.

What Went Wrong on the Seawol Ferry?
What Happened Before and After the Korean Sewol Ferry Capsize.

Cause of the Korean Sewol Ferry Capsize and Sinking
The Recovery of Deceased Passengers Will Soon End and the Cause of the Sewol Capsize Will be Investigated. See Some of the Expert Theories of the Cause.

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