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Shore and Vessel Operations

Learn the Skills and Responsibilities of Workers Who Operate Ships, Commercial Boats, or Shore Support Services. 
  1. Management of Ship's Crew (4)
  2. Shore Operations (11)
  3. Shore Services Management (0)
  4. Vessel Operations (30)

Costa Concordia Salvage Operation Phase One
The Salvage of the Costa Concordia Cruise Ship is the Largest Parbuckling Operation Ever Attempted

Costa Concordia Salvage Operation Phase Two
The Second Phase of the Costa Concordia Salvage Will be less dramatic Than the First Phase but There are Still Many Things to Learn from the Tragedy.

Maritime Business Predictions for 2012

International Cruise Line Passengers Bill of Rights Summary and Analysis
This Document From the Largest Cruise Trade Organization has a Few Shortcomings but the Intent is Clear; to Assure the Passenger Fair Trade Practices are Now Standardized Across All Member Lines.

Beginner Seamanship Skills for All Mariners
Learn the Basic Seamanship Skills Which are Common in Many Different Operations. Understanding Terminology and Technique will Help You be a Better Mariner from the Start.

Common and Useful Knots for Mariners
Some Useful Knots for Mariners and Others Who Require Secure Easy to Untie Knots.

Marlinspike Seamanship - Loops and Splices
When Joining Two Lines or Creating a Loop Nothing is Better than a Splice. Learn the Anatomy and Techniques of Splicing Lines for Boats and Ships.

Book Review: Ashley’s Book of Knots
"Ashley's Book of Knots" is the Best Resource Written on Knots, Splices, and Other Marlinspike Seamanship Techniques. See How Many of These Very Old Knots are Useful to the Modern Maritime Professional.

Maritime Business Predictions 2012 Review - Sustainable Practice
How Accurate were Last Year’s Industry Predictions? Take a Look at Our Analysis of Maritime Business Predictions for 2012 including the Adoption of Sustainable Practices.

Maritime Business Predictions 2012 Review – Human Resources
Our 2012 predictions included several items under the human resources category. Compare our predictions to actual events in the past year.

Choose the Best Anti-Fouling Paint
Selecting an Appropriate Anti-Fouling Paint for Your Vessel can Make a Big Difference in Your Bank Account. With so Many Choices and New Products it is Difficult to Make the Best Choice.

How will a Revolution in Egypt Effect Suez Canal Shipping?
The Suez Canal Shortens Shipping Routes Between Asia and Ports in Europe and the East Coast of North America. Bulk Commodities and Containers Make Up Most of the Traffic on the Suez Canal, but Leisure and Military Vessels Also Pass Between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Will a Revolution in Egypt Harm Shipping on the Suez Canal?

Tonnage Measurement Systems
Explore the History and Methods of Tonnage Measurement Systems.

United States Tonnage Measurement System
Current Methods to Determine Tonnage Under United States Law

Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2010
Cruise Operators Need to be Aware of Mandated Changes to Their Equipment and Policies in the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2010. Review the Summary of This New Law to Prepare Yourself for the Additional Responsibilities. Find a Link to the Full Text of The Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act.

USCG Recertification Plan - Part Two - Systems Analysis
In Part Two of the Process to Write and Complete a USCG Recertification Plan We Will Look at Each System and Consider Changes and Regulations Before Writing and Submitting the Final Plan. It's a Lot of Work but the Insurance Savings Make it an Easy Choice.

Costa Concordia Parbuckling
Learn how the Cruise Ship was Turned Upright During the Salvage Operation Through a Process Called Parbuckling.

Safe Dock Departure for Small Craft

Tugboat Turn - Reversing Out Safely

Adoption of Aircraft Management Technology by the Maritime Industry

Care of Ropes and Lines
Extend the Life and Workability of Your Lines with Simple Tips for Care.

Positioning of Sacrificial Anodes to Prevent Galvanic Corrosion
Tips and Strategies to Preserve Your Boat Equipment from Electrical Pitting

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