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Ports and Harbors

Find Information on Ports and Harbor Facilities for Large and Small Vessel Operations. 
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Deterioration of Shipping Port Infrastructure
More Than Half a Century After Rapid Expansion of Port Facilities the Structures are Showing Their Age. Learn Why Construction Methods a Century Ago Will Cost Us Huge Sums in the Future.

The Role of Remotely Operated Vehicles for Indusrty
Remotely Operated Vehicles are Well Established Tools in some Operations. Their Roles will grow in the Future as Prices Fall and Functionality Increases.

Automated Container Data Acquisition Technology
The New Generation of Container Terminals Leverages Several Data Capture Technologies to Increase Throughput and Improve Accuracy.

Types of Dredging
There are Many Types of Dredges Because of the Specialized and Varied Nature of Sediment Removal. Each Dredge is Meant to Work in a Specific Maritime Environment. High Volume and Low Volume Dredgers are Deployed According to the Type, Volume, and Time to Complete the Task.

Sea Port Listing from Find the Best
This is a listing of Sea Ports from Find the Best. Take a look at this huge volume of information which is valuable to commercial and recreational mariners.

What is Ballast Water?
Overview of Ship Ballast Water Systems, Environmental Issues, and Treatment of Ballast Water.

IMO Ballast Water Convention Summary
Implementation of the IMO's Ballast Water Convention is Meant to Limit the Transportation of Alien Organisms in the Ballast Tanks of Ships. Invasive Species Carried in Ballast Water can Cause Billions of Dollars in Damage to Business and Public Infrastructure.

IMO Ballast Water Standards
As Part of the Ballast Water Management Convention the IMO has Defined Two Standards for Ballast Water. Learn the Differences Between Ballast Water Exchange and Ballast Water Performance Standards.

IMO Ballast Water Convention Participating Nations
Port Operations Will be Impacted by the New IMO Convention On Ballast Water. The Convention Will Go Into Effect One Year After Ratification by Thirty Nations Totaling Thirty Five Percent of Global Gross Tonnage. Will Your Operation Be Ready?

Panama Canal Expansion
The Panama Canal Will Celebrate Its 100th Birthday in 2012 With Construction of Additional Locks that can Accommodate Larger Post Panamax Vessels.

Portvision Evolution and Products

Do We Need the Nicaraguan Canal?
It will be beneficial in the long term if it can overcome short term difficulties.

Electric Motor Deicing Circulation Systems
Learn to Install and Use a Deicing Motor Circulation System to Protect Your Vessel or Infrastructure from Shifting Ice.

Bubble Deicing Circulation Systems
Learn to Install and Maintain a Bubble Circulation System to Protect Docks and Equipment From Shifting Ice.

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