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Safety and Security

See How Modern Practices Assure the Safety of Crews and Ships While in Port or at Sea.
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  2. Safety and Security Regulation (4)
  3. Ship Safety and Security (16)

Tactics of Modern Sea Pirates
Although Piracy Continues to Evolve, the Tactics of Modern Pirates have Many Similarities to Historical Piracy and Naval Combat.

Lessons from the Costa Concordia Disaster
Learn What Lessons from the Tragic Costa Concordia Events can be Used to Improve Your Operation or Maritime Career.

Simple Steps to Prevent Lightning Damage
Lightning can Do More Damage in Less Time than Any Other Natural Phenomenon. In Less than one Second Equipment can be Destroyed. Protection from Lightning Strikes is Simple if You Follow a Few Guidelines.

Is This the End of Somali Piracy?
Is Piracy Off the Somali Coast Going Extinct? Will the Retirement of Afweyne See Former Pirates Abandon Piracy or Will the Problem Only Shift to Other Areas?

Costa Concordia Timeline
The Tragic Events of the Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Sinking Off the Italian Island of Giglio Continue to Unfold. What is known is the Irresponsible Nature of the Response to a Self-Imposed Disaster. Updates will be Added as Verifiable Information Becomes Available.

What is the Cause of Sea Piracy?
Explore the Reasons Why Modern Sea Piracy is a Growing Problem in Some Regions.

Kenyan Court Allows Pirate Trials
A New Decision by Kenya’s High Court Will Bring Accused Somali Pirates to Trial in the Country’s Lower Courts. Now a Pirate’s Trial in Kenya No Longer Requires a Jury and Acts of Piracy Occurring Outside of Kenyan Territory can be Pursued. Previously Kenyan Courts Refused to Hear Piracy Trials Stemming From Acts Committed Outside of Kenya’s...

Safety and Security
Maritime Operations can be Dangerous Despite Best Efforts to Be as Safe as Possible. Natural and Man-Made Threats to the Safety of Maritime Workers Must Take Top Priority for Action. Some Situations are Immediately Remedied While Others Require Long Term Planning to Reduce the Threat.

What to do When Lightning Strikes
Globally Lightning Strikes Kill More People in an Average Year than All Other Natural Phenomenon Combined. Port Facilities and Ships Experience Lightning Strikes Frequently and Use Well Tested Methods to Protect Equipment. Often Human Protection is Less Developed and Medical Treatments for Survivors are Not Well Known. Learn to Respond When...

Hypothermia Prevention and Treatment
Hypothermia Occurs When the Body Loses Heat Faster Than It can be Replaced. Exposure to Temperatures Below 98.6 F (37 C) Will Lead to Hypothermia. Fast Treatment for Hypothermia is Essential for Full Recovery of the Victim.

What You Need to Know About Maritime Security
Maritime Security has Always Concerned the Shipping Industry. The Modern Era Changed Maritime Security Operations, the Days of Pirate Ships Under Sail are Long Gone. But the First Decade of the New Century Showed Maritime Security Professionals That Piracy is Still a Major Threat to Life and Property.

The Future of Arctic Shipping Operations
Learn About the Safety Issues Facing Arctic Shipping Today. Why is the Lack of Maritime Infrastructure in This Region so Dangerous to Arctic Shipping Operations? What are the Challenges to Commercial and Leisure Vessels in This Extreme Environment?

Maritime Piloting Challenges - Wind and Waves
Are You Ready for the Piloting Challenges Wind Brings to Your Vessel's Operation? Understanding the Behavior of Wind and Waves in Offshore and Close Quarters Situations is Essential to Overcoming the Piloting Challenges in a Maritime Environment.

How will a Revolution in Egypt Effect Suez Canal Shipping?
The Suez Canal is an Essential Shipping Route for Many Companies. Will Political Unrest in Egypt Threaten the Operation of the Suez Canal? Will the Events of the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis be Repeated?

Blackwater Security's Anti Piracy Plans
Blackwater Security's Plans for Anti- Piracy Operations are Revealed in Embassy Cables Released by Wikileaks. Learn How the Embattled Company Planned to Combat Piracy. Blackwater Anti-Piracy Forces Planned to Operate a Private Armed Vessel to Protect Ships From Pirates.

International and Sovereign Definitions of Piracy
What is the Definition of Piracy? How Do Sovereign and International Definitions of Piracy Differ? Can New Definitions of Piracy Improve the Prosecution of Pirates for Crimes at Sea?

SOLAS Regulations More than a Century After Titanic
Celebrate 100 years of Improving Maritime Safety With SOLAS

Navy BAMS Drone
The U.S. Navy MQ-4C BAMS Triton is an Unmanned Aerial Platform that can Conduct Long Duration Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Missions in Support of Military and Civilian Maritime Resources.

Sea Piracy Report - August 2012

Costa Concordia Official Report Analysis
See a Summary of the Costa Concordia Accident Report Issued by the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Operation of the COSPAS-SARSAT System

What is an EPIRB Distress Radio Beacon?

McMurdo Group Profile
Learn About the New McMurdo Group

How Does Ship Radar Work?
Understand How RADAR is Used by Ships to Avoid Accidents and Increase Security.

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