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Learn How Commercial Vessels are Designed and Built Using Modern Methods and Materials for Lower Costs and Greater Efficiency. 
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Introduction to Maritime Power Systems
Learn About the Parts of a Ship Propulsion System From Fuel to Propeller and Beyond.

Power Transmission and Thrust Vectoring
Learn About Power Transmission and Thrust Vectoring in the Second Part of Our Introduction to Maritime Power Systems.

Props, Pitch, and Thrust - Converting Rotation to Forward Movement
See How Ships Use the Rotation of an Engine to Move Forward and How Props are Selected for Efficiency, Power, or Speed.

Maritime Classification Society Listings
Maritime Classification Society Functions and Responsibilities. Maritime Classification Society Listing and Information With Website Links. Maritime Classification Society Questions? Look Here.

Specialized Propulsion Techniques
In the first Years of Engine Propelled Vessels the Prop was Displacing the Paddle Wheel. Now the Prop and Shaft Configuration is Being Replaced by Specialized Propulsion Equipment.

Helium Conservation Legislation
Mismanagement of the National Helium Reserve Threatens to Disrupt Industrial Processes for Businesses of All Sizes. Will the American Government Pass a Helium Conservation Bill in 2013?

What is a Bulbous Bow?
A Bulbous Bow Design Makes Large Ships More Efficient. See the Benefits and Disadvantages of Several Important Factors of This Design.

Ideal Techniques to Repair Metal Hulls
Metal Hulls Offer Excellent Characteristics for the Commercial User. Durability is Great and Metal Hulled Vessels are Among the Safest to Operate. Repair is Also Easy if You Have the Knowledge, Tools, and Skills to do the Job Right.

Cargo Vessel Size Classifications
Shipping vessels are divided into classes based on size and design. There are many classes of vessels that are meant to maximize efficient cargo transport. See the major classifications and learn why naval architects build ships to comply with limitations on certain routes.

Helium Shortages are Coming!
Will Helium Shortages Cause More Problems for Shipbuilders? The Looming Helium Shortage is Expected to Add Extra Cost to Common Fabrication Processes in the Near Future. Can Fabrication Standards be Changed in Time to Avoid the Huge Costs A Helium Shortage Will Bring?

Helium Shortage 2012
Will the Ongoing Mismanagement of the Helium Supply Cause a Serious Shortage for Large and Small Manufacturers? Higher Prices for the Essential Shielding Gas are Beginning to Delay Orders to Non-Essential Distributors.

Common Hull Shapes
There are Three Main Divisions of Hulls; Displacement, Semi-Displacement, and Planning. Learn Which Shapes are Best for Specific Situations.

Naval Architects - Camarc Design Ltd.
Camarc Design of Sussex, England Specializes in high speed, highly maneuverable vessels with a strong focus on Aluminum construction. The New USCG Response Boat - Medium is one of Carmac Design's Aluminum Vessels.

Navy Launches New Littoral Combat Ship With Ancient Ceremony
The US Navy's Third Littoral Combat Ship is Launched With an Ancient Ceremony at Marinette Marine Shipyards in Marinette, Wisconsin. A Mast Stepping Ceremony Places Symbolic Objects Into the Base of a Vessel's Mast. The Ceremony is Thought to Bring Good Luck. The Littoral Combat Ship is the Navy's Newest High Speed, Shallow Draft Vessel with...

Cruise Ship Allure of the Seas
See the World's Largest Cruise Ship, "Allure of the Seas". Carnival Cruise Lines Flagship is the Most Advanced Cruise Ship Ever Built. The Ship is Revolutionary in Mechanical Systems and Amenities for Passengers. "Allure of the Seas" is Impressive to Both Tourists and Industry Professionals.

U.S. National Helium Reserve Will Close Without Funding
The U.S. National Helium Reserve Will Close Due to a Planned Lack of Funding and Sale of All Helium Supplies Excluding a Supply for Government Use.

Robot Operating System in the Maritime Industry
Is the Open Source Robot Operating System the Logical Foundation for the Next Generation of Vessel and Port Automation?

Wärtsilä Marine Profile
Wartsila is a Global Provider of Equipment to Energy and Marine Industries. Founded in 1834 in the Town of Tohmajarvi, Finland; it Now Produces the World’s Largest Engine.

Rolls Royce Marine Profile
The Marine Division of Rolls Royce Manufactures Gas Turbine Engines Used in Merchant and Military Ships Worldwide. The Company also Produces Waterjets and Other Propulsion Products Along with Directional Stability Systems.

What is Ship Breaking?
Ship Breaking is the Name Given to the Process of Dismantling a Ship for Scrap. Ship Salvage is Dirty and Dangerous Work and Conditions Range from Good to Frightening.

Understand Marine Diesel Engines
Marine Diesel Engines Come in Two Common Varieties; Two Stroke and Four Stroke. See the Differences and Pros and Cons of Each Configuration.

Are Electric Ships the Next Step for Cargo?
Electric and Electric Hybrid Vessels are Growing in Scale and Performance; Will Giant Cargo Ships Go Electric?

Will Cargo Ships Become Fully Autonomous this Decade?
Cargo Ships are Natural Candidates for Automation. Will the Technology and Policy Allow Them to Sail Before 2020?

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