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U.S. Coast Guard Response Boat Medium


U.S. Coast Guard Response Boat Medium

U.S Coast Guard Response Boat Medium

Photo By U.S.C.G.

U.S.C.G. Response Boat – Medium

Designer - Camarc Ltd. Sussex, England

Builder – Marinette Marine Corporation, Marinette, WI; Kvichak Marine Industries, Seattle, WA

Specifications -

LOA – 44’ 9”

Beam – 13’ 8”

Draft – 3’ 4”

Engines – Twin Detroit Diesel Series 60 inline Six cylinder 825 BHP @ 2300 rpm

Fuel capacity – 495 U.S. gallons

Drives – Two Kamewa Rolls Royce FF series 375 s Water Jets

Gross Weight – 36,700 pounds

Maximum Speed – 40+ Knots

Towing Capacity – 100 Displacement Tons

The vessel features an all aluminum hull that is divided into four water tight compartments. The pilothouse contains 13 heated windows, some can be opened and utilize a pneumatic seal that is pressurized by an on board compressor. The structure is sealed to withstand rollover conditions. An antenna mast on the top of the pilothouse lowers to 13’ 1” from the waterline to allow passage under low clearance bridges. The mast fully extends to 20’ 8”.

The Detroit Diesel engines are constructed of cast iron and have two valves per cylinder with a single overhead camshaft. Each engine is cooled with raw water drawn through individual suction lines. Exhaust is water cooled through 10” Centek mufflers.

Twin water jets are controlled through a Thrust Vectoring System. Steering is via a helm mounted joystick that gives the operator a single control for water jet angle, trim angle, reversing bucket, and engine rpm. A second joystick adjusts vessel attitude including overall roll and trim.

The Response Boat – Medium holds up to 24 individuals but is designed to be operated by a crew of four to six. The Coast Guard plans to take delivery of 180 of these vessels.

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